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Those words seem to be my response to any half assed good idea these days. In fact I have responded to some bad ideas the same way. Doesn’t matter, Misadventure is usually a better story anyways. I don’t know that I even have what would be considered a proper rating system for my hyjinx anymore. Some stories that I have told leave a lot of people with that look of confusion mixed with a subtle hint of disgust that shows they just don’t get it. That’s cool, I just don’t want to go to an all inclusive and sit next to four hundred other people vying for the hot chicken wings when they come out on the buffet. Especially when you have to sit next to them on an over crowded beach and listen to them speculate if the chocolate fountain desert table is tonight or tomorrow night.  All in all, I hate the normal, and get a rash from the everyday pursuits. Basically all I want is what everybody wants, the big adventure lifestyle. I’m just not willing to take no for an answer, I recommend that you do the same. Don’t tell me you can’t because of this or that, bullshit, just do it. Which leads me to my blog......

Fuck YA! I’m in!
what could go wrong?